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Have you or a loved one been detained by ICE? Have you been placed into removal proceeding and are worried you will be deported out of the United States?

The Law Office of Robert C. Buckley provides removal & deportation defense in the most challenging of cases -- those involving aggravated felonies and controlled substance convictions.  Unfortunately for some, current immigration law is particularly harsh on permanent residents and undocumented individuals convicted of aggravated felonies and/or controlled substance related crimes. 

But there is hope.

The Law Office of Robert C. Buckley will aggressively pursue all avenues of relief available -- including motions in state criminal court -- to vacate guilty pleas that were not entered with a full understanding of the immigration consequences involved.  This can result in a vacatur of the underlying criminal conviction and a basis for terminating removal proceedings. 

Individuals in removal proceedings as a result of an aggravated felony and/or controlled substance conviction can face mandatory detention (which means they are ineligible to even have a bail hearing). 

The Law Office of Robert C. Buckley has experience handling cases like this and may be able to file a writ of habeas corpus in federal court to order the immigration judge to schedule a bail/bond hearing. 

If your deportation/removal case does not involve and aggravated felony or a controlled substance conviction you may be eligible for other forms of relief, including a waiver, adjustment of status (even "readjustment" of status) or cancellation of removal, depending on the circumstances. 

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